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Electronic Component Distribution Software

Start Here: Starter-Success Introduction

A business software is only as effective as its users, which is why SourceMatrix is dedicated to equipping your team for success. Our training combines a digital learning experience with instructor-led learning, giving users confidence and control of the implementation process.  This course introduces all users to the basic features and workflows of the system. We will review Login, Security Roles, User Preferences, and learn to navigate all of our core modules.


Mastering every module

SourceMatrix contains many modules and useful features, and your team will be equipped to take full advantage of all of them!


Your team will learn to use our dashboard to analyze performance, improve processes, and notifications to keep track of operations.  

Contact Managment & Sales

Your team will learn to navigate our CRM and sales module, and learn how to maximize their potential.

Inventory & Warehousing

Our Parts Center contains many useful features.  Users will learn to recieve shipments, track and report all inventory data, and plan inventory for the future.  

Sourcing & Purchasing

We will train your team to use Selective SourcingTM  and our purchasing module to accelerate their sourcing & purchasing processes.

Shipping & Receiving

Users will learn how to create and manage shipping schedules, manage inventory, transfer products, receive shipments and more.

Administration & Security

SourceMatrix feautres role-based access permissions.  Administrators will determine permissions and learn to manage the system.


Your team will learn to use your applicable accounting integrations and learn to generate accounting reports.

Quality Control

SourceMatrix features a fully integrated quality control module and users will be equipped to navigate this module.

ERP training

Concerned about the implementation process?

Before taking the first step to implement SourceMatrix, our Startup Success Plan ensures that you are building on the right foundation. We offer live on-site or virtual training from our original team of developers to guarantee a quick and effective startup. SourceMatrix also provides quality instructional videos to direct your team through the learning process. Additionally, we recognize the importance of customer service and support, and we’ve determined to set ourselves apart in our industry through our exceptional support team.

Our business is built on your success!

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