Electronic Component Distribution ERP

Start Here: Starter-Success Introduction

This introductory course to SourceMatrixERP is for all users.  It will explore the basic features and how-to’s for all of the common features in the system. This course will review Login, Security Roles, and User Preferences.  Course duration: 3hrs.  Available via Skype live session.


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The Source Matrix ERP has many features and modules. Our “CORE” Modules courses are designed to give a complete overview of each of the modules and how they work together to form a functionally complete system.



There are 15 modules that make up the SourceMatrix ERP System:

Contact Managment

Our CRM is centered around the companies and people you do business with. Learn how to use the CRM to its maximum potential. 

Requirements, Procurement, and Quotes

Learn the Fast Product Sourcing methodology to make sure you respond to every inquiry quickly and accurately.

Inventory and Warehousing

Learn about products, inventory, and how we store them.  Work with multiple warehouses, transfer items, and receiving items.

Shipping and Receiving

Lean how to create and manage shipping schedules, manage inventory, transfer products, receive shipments and more.

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Our entire company is so proud of SourceMatrix ERP software, that we want to make sure you know how to use it, so it is always an easy and pleasurable experience. Training ensures that our clients get the best value from SourceMatrix ERP.

(We also hope you come visit us in sunny South Florida!)

Our Application Training in Numbers

Our most popular courses


Buyer Program

Inventory and Fulfillment


This course reviews the accounting system. From pro-forma invoices to payment receipts to purchasing and expenses…we cover it all, and also talk about the built-in QuickBooks(tm) interface.

All About Sales Orders

In SourceMatrix, the Sales Order is the source of truth behind every sale. The Sales Order knows everything: Requirements, Quotes, Invoices, Shipping schedules, etc.  We show you how to use this powerful module for everything from customer support to internal tracking and management.