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Electronics Distribution ERP

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Users and Roles

SourceMatrix ERP uses a familiar role-based security model that is quick to implement. Rolls can be created, and then permissions are assigned to the roles. Roles are then assigned to Users. A user must have one or more roles.

1. Add Users

It is easy to add new users to the system. Once you new user is added, it is easy to find them. You may search by company or by name looking for an individual. You can also drill-down from the company to select your user from the list of people as shown above.

2. Create Roles

Roles are based on Job Functions usually. For example, the Sales Role would allow a user to access Contacts, Requirements, Quotes, Sales Orders, etc. Some Roles may be setup for Read-only viewing, and some may allow editing or adding of records.

3. Assign Roles to Users

Each contact in the system can be defined as a User as well. Users will have one or more Roles. Roles will affect what the user can see and do in the SourceMatrixERP Universe.

SourceMatrixERP Contact Detail

SourceMatrixERP – Electronic Parts Distribution System

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