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SourceMatrix’s CRM

The clean interface and refined processes in our contact management module were designed to streamline your sales and marketing. Our CRM consolidates customer information and sales/marketing tools into a single repository, making workflows much simpler when it comes to managing and automating the customer lifecycle.  Additionally, our CRM module contains the following features:

Third Party Integrations

Integrating a CRM with other commonly used third party applications streamlines many of your company’s most time-consuming tasks. The ability to integrate your company’s email client (e.g. Outlook) and email automation tool (e.g. Mailchimp) will allow you to easily manage communication with all of your linked email correspondences.

Task Management

Our CRM module boasts a robust task management system, allowing users to effortlessly manage their workload. Assign tasks to both companies and contacts, set deadlines, and track progress seamlessly. From project management to
sales coordination our task management feature ensures nothing falls through the cracks.

Company & Contact Centric Search Functions

SourceMatrix’ comprehensive CRM features company and contact centric search functions. This allows users to conveniently add detailed information about every single contact, and use that information for advanced personalization in lead nurturing.


Designed For Distribution

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Powerful tools

Classifying, qualifying, and managing the companies within your CRM is one of the most crucial function of the system. SourceMatrix’s CRM is equipped with all of the essentials for electronic component distributors. While you can customize and configure SourceMatrix to meet your specific preferences, our core setup includes features such as:

Company Classifications

Collecting and managing information about your customers and prospects may seem monotonous and insignificant, but this process is crucial for your salesforce. SourceMatrix features all of the fields that you need, and none of the fields that you don’t. Our intelligent CRM also adjusts its detailed fields based on company classifications and provides only the fields that are relevant to each company.

Company Rating System

Qualifying your leads is an extremely important part of contact management and the sales process as a whole. Identifying your ideal prospect and directing your sales and marketing efforts towards them will dramatically improve the effectiveness of your salesforce. Our simple rating system gives your team insight into how a company performs at a glance.

Concerned about the implementation process?

Before taking the first step to implement SourceMatrix, our Startup Success Plan ensures that you are building on the right foundation. We offer live on-site or virtual training from our original team of developers to guarantee a quick and effective startup. SourceMatrix also provides quality instructional videos to direct your team through the learning process. Additionally, we recognize the importance of customer service and support, and we’ve determined to set ourselves apart in our industry through our exceptional support team.
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