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SourceMatrix ERP CRM Features

The SourceMatrix ERP system is based on the simple concept that we deal with companies, and companies have one or more locations, and companies have one or more people.

Everyone Belongs to a Company

The company is the container for all of its people and locations (offices, warehouses, etc.).


Our company listing is flexible and easy to use.  You can set the columns you want to see, the width of the columns, and the order, and SourceMatrix remembers how you like it!

Easy Search and Sort

Search, Sort, Filter to set your own view when listing companies. There are several key fields listed at the top for searching, and they can all be used in combination to find the data you need to see quickly.


People make business. They are important, as they are the ones you communicate with for everything. We make it easy to find your people, their contact info, and the ability to record information about each individual.


A Company may have one or more locations. SourceMatrix ERP allows a company to have unlimited locations, and to assign people from that company to one or more locations, so you know where they are located when you need them.

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SourceMatrix has a very functional CRM

Our CRM was designed from the ground up to work exclusively with the SourceMatrix ERP software. We provide contact management for every company and person you will work with, and all things in SourceMatrix will always relate back to a company.


Powerful tools

Since everything we do is attached to a company, we added a set of grids below to show you everything going on with the selected company. Each grid item allows you to drill-down into the specific item: Requirements, PO’s, Sales Orders, Shipping Schedules, etc.

Company Classifications

Companies in SourceMatrix can be more than one type, for example, a Customer can also be Vendor, allowing you to both, sell to them and purchase from them.

Company Rating System

A simple rating system allows your salespeople to know how a customer performs at a glance.

Quick-Jump Buttons

Once a company is found, clicking on the blue-and-white Quick Jump buttons will take you directly to that module, ready to work with the currently selected company.

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The Work Starts Here!

Once the company is selected, the lower grids will populate with their historical data. Each tab will allow you to drill down into each item.


Enjoy the best
design and functions combined together

This software was designed as a collaborative effort between a software development company and the input of electronics distributors. 

It is made to work for the people using it, by people that use it.