Quality Control

Electronic Component Distribution ERP

Quality Control

SourceMatrix features a fully integrated quality control module to support electronic component distributors as they receive and qualify the products that they offer. Our Quality Control module features the following built-in functions:

Service Orders Module

Our advanced document templating eliminates the work involved in manually creating service orders, as well as simplifies the work involved in managing these service orders.

CAR & SCAR Reporting

SourceMatrix simplifies the generation of Corrective Action Requests (CAR) and Supplier Corrective Action Requests (SCAR).

Unlimited Uploads

Our cloud storage allows you to safely store all of your necessary pictures and documents without the dilemma of limited storage.

RMA & RTV Generation

SourceMatrix allows users to easily generate and process Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMA) and Returns to Vendors (RTV), making the process simple and quick.

Inspection Reports

SourceMatrix allows users to inspect the products they’ve received for quality, authenticity, and conformance, and record the condition of the products in an organized manner.


Electronic Component Distribution System

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Keeping Quality Constant

SourceMatrix features a fully integrated quality control module to assist electronic component distributors receive and qualify the products that they offer. This module tracks QC inspection, records product grades and quality characteristics, and enables product acceptance or rejection based on the results of the inspection. Additionally, SourceMatrix allows users to easily process Return Material Authorizations (RMA) and Returns to Vendors (RTV). Our entire system was designed specifically for electronic component distribution, and accordingly, our quality control functions require little to no modifications to provide the streamlined and comprehensive functionality you need.

Electronic component distribution software training

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