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Sourcing Made Simple

When it comes to sourcing electronic components, the process can be quite complicated and tedious. SourceMatrix allows vendors to be effortlessly onboarded and regularly audited based of performance. Every transaction is recorded, letting users easily keep track of vendor performance, and determine the capabilities of a supplier based on historical data and rate them accordingly. Additionally, our system simplifies the time consumption involved in vendor communication by allowing you to send batch emails based on written emails or pre-made templates.

Supplier Rating Score

SourceMatrix allows users to rate their suppliers, giving your entire team visibility of previous transactional satisfaction.

Selective Sourcing ™

Our proprietary Selective Sourcing ™ technology uses the data from your historical transactions, as well as your input and filters, to generate a list of appropriate suppliers for the part you are searching for.

Templated Email RFQs

After you select a group of suppliers from your generated list, SourceMatrix allows you to send a templated RFQ to the suppliers in an email blast directly from the system.


SourceMatrix – Electronic Parts Distribution System

Choosing an ERP system is a critical choice, and as an electronic component distributor, your choices are shockingly scarce. SourceMatrix is the first software of its kind to enter the electronics components distribution industry in almost 2 decades. Let us help you make a confident and well-informed decision!

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Selective Sourcing ™

One of the most time-consuming yet business critical processes in electronic component distribution is sourcing your components. When done correctly, this involves outreach to a list of approved suppliers and back and forth communication to sift through multiple offers. Without the proper structure and workflows, sourcing can consume an unbelievable amount of time, or could result in substandard parts. Selective Sourcing™ is our patent pending system that revolutionizes the sourcing of electronic components. Our system uses your historical transactions, your list of approved vendors and franchised sources, and develops a list of recommended suppliers. From this list, you determine which suppliers you would like to proceed with, and you can send them a templated RFQ via email directly from the system.

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Concerned about the implementation process?

Before taking the first step to implement SourceMatrix, our Startup Success Plan ensures that you are building on the right foundation. We offer live on-site or virtual training from our original team of developers to guarantee a quick and effective startup. SourceMatrix also provides quality instructional videos to direct your team through the learning process. Additionally, we recognize the importance of customer service and support, and we’ve determined to set ourselves apart in our industry through our exceptional support team.
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