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A Complete Electronics Distribution ERP System

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SourceMatrix ERP – The smart choice for electronics distributors

SourceMatrix ERP is the result of a collaboration between software developers and an electronic component distribution company. It is the first software of its kind to enter the Electronics Parts Distribution Industry in almost 2 decades!  Our secure, cloud-based ERP system takes advantage of the latest and greatest technologies, and makes its home in the Microsoft Azure Cloud allowing users to see fantastic performance from any computing device, anywhere on the planet.  

SourceMatrix ERP is reliable and easy to use. Our Startup-Success Plan ensures that your implementation and setup go smoothly. Click the button below to schedule a one-on-one demo, and find out how SourceMatrix ERP can help develop your company.

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Our Contact management is well rounded – leads, prospects, customers, vendors, and more. Task management, and integration with Mailchimp for email services are available.


Using our proprietary Fast-Products-Sourcing technology, FPS(tm), requirements management and sourcing of products is what makes our software great!


Inventory Procurement through PO’s, Storage in multiple warehouses, lot control and warehouse transfers are easily managed in our system. 


Shipping and Receiving Schedules are easily managed. Quality Control, NCM Reporting and a full audit trail of each transaction are included.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

Gone are the days of having an IT department to monitor and maintain servers. With SourceMatrix ERP in the trusted Microsoft Cloud, you can let the experts manage and maintain your system so you can keep your focus on your business.
The Azure Cloud allows easy scaling for larger SQL Server databases and an increasing number of users, and will provide load balancing to make sure everything is always running fast.
Your data is backed up and safe in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

SourceMatrix ERP– Electronic Parts Distribution System

We are currently in Beta-Testing, and expect a full release very soon. We would love to keep you informed.

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SourceMatrixERP Core Features

We cover all aspects of your business in one integrated software package. Here’s a high-level list of the modules you will receive with our “core” installation setup:

Product Sourcing

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Quotes and Sales

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Invoicing and A/R

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Inventory & Purchasing

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Shipping and Receiving

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Accounting / QuickBooks

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QC Testing and Returns

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Our software is so intuitive and easy to learn that you will be productive immediately after the system is setup. Our Startup- Success Plan insures that you setup and learn to use the software right away.

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We offer training for all of our modules, as well as courses in System Administration and Security in our beautiful office in Boynton Beach, Florida. We also provide onsite training at your corporate facility for 6 or more individuals.

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How to Get Started  

The first step is to speak to one of our very friendly sales engineers to setup a demo, and provide pricing for setup and our Startup-Success Plan.

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Startup Success Plan

Pricing Based on number of users

  • 1 Administrative training session
  • 1 User Orientation training session
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • 3 Support Incidents (calls, screen shares, etc. with a live person)