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SourceMatrix – Electronic Component Distribution Software

Introducing SourceMatrix, the cutting-edge electronic component distribution software born from a collaboration between experienced software developers and industry-leading distributors. With a breakthrough entry into the Electronics Parts Distribution Industry after nearly two decades, SourceMatrix stands as a pioneering solution.

Harnessing the power of secure, cloud-based technology hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, our ERP system guarantees unrivaled performance from any device, anywhere on the planet. Backed by a reputation for reliability and user-friendliness, SourceMatrix ensures a seamless implementation and setup through our Startup-Success Plan. Schedule a one-on-one demo now and witness how SourceMatrix drives efficiency, reduces costs, and maximizes profitability with its unparalleled features.

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Discover the power of SourceMatrix’s integrated CRM within our electronic component distribution ERP system. Boost productivity with advanced task management and integrations, allowing users to seamlessly manage contacts, leads, prospects, customers, vendors.


In the fast-moving electronics industry, speed is crucial. The streamlined workflow throughout SourceMatrix drives efficiency and scales profitability. Using our proprietary Selective Sourcing technology, turning a requirement into a legitimate quote has never been quicker and more efficient.


Gain complete control over inventory management, implement rigorous quality control measures, and ensure compliance with industry standards. Our software features NCM reporting, a full audit trail for each transaction, and powerful analytics for data-driven decision-making.


Our integrated module offers seamless order processing and real-time shipment tracking. Simplify return management, leverage powerful reporting, and enhance operational efficiency. Experience seamless integration, optimize shipping workflows, and provide exceptional customer service.

SourceMatrix – Electronic Component Distribution System

We are currently in Beta-Testing, and expect a full release very soon. We would love to keep you informed.

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SourceMatrix Core Features

An optimized business management system can drive efficiency, lower costs, and increase profitability, which is why our system was designed to meet the unique needs of electronic component distributors. Listed below are the modules you will receive with our “core” installation setup.


The goal of a dashboard is to conveniently gather information required to meet corporate objectives. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) take the guessing work out of analyzing and altering the trajectory of your business. Our dashboard displays all of the analytical data relevant to electronic component distributors.

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Contact Management

SourceMatrix simplifies and streamlines every step of your sales and marketing processes to increase your efficiency and overall profits. While you can customize our CRM to meet your specific preferences, it has been equipped with all of the essentials for electronic component distributors.

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Parts & Inventory

Our dedicated Parts Center takes an integrated approach to managing all of your logistics, operations, and inventory. Our powerful workflows allow you to easily manage parts sales, order fulfillment, demand forecasting, planning, shortage handling, purchase, returns, and warehouse operations.

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Selective Sourcing ™

When it comes to sourcing electronic components, structure and automation are crucial. Using our proprietary Selective Sourcing ™, our system uses your historical transactions, your list of approved vendors and franchised sources, and develops a list of recommended suppliers.

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Shipping & Invoicing

Any mistakes or delays in this department can lead to customers delaying payment or even restricting their business relationship due to poor performance. Data integrity, real-time data, useful integrations, and logical workflows are crucial components in an electronic component distribution software.

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Admin & Security

SourceMatrix features a fully integrated quality control module to assist electronic component distributors receive and qualify the products that they offer. This module tracks QC inspection, records product grades and quality characteristics, and enables product acceptance or rejection based on the results of the inspection.

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QC Testing and Returns

SourceMatrix features a fully
integrated quality control module that tracks QC inspection, records product grades and quality characteristics, and enables product acceptance or rejection based on the results of the inspection. Additionally, SourceMatrix allows users to easily process RMAs and RTVs.

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Accounting / QuickBooks

SourceMatrix boasts many useful accounting features as well as our built-in QuickBooks™ interface to streamline your accounting processes.  Our accounting features and integrations allow your team to manage your accounting processes from within the same system used to operate your entire business.

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Implementing an ERP system can be a complex process as it affects all aspects of your business. A carefully designed implementation plan is critical to a successful launch. Our Start-up Success Plan was designed to ensure the most efficient and effective implementation

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We offer comprehensive on-site training and live virtual training classes to ensure every user has a thorough understanding of each module. Each user will acquire a full understanding of the software fundamentals and will be trained on the processes and functions relevant to their individual roles.  

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