Electronics Distribution ERP

Receiving and Shipping Process

Once a sale has been made, a purchasing schedule will be created if necessary, as well as a shipping schedule.  An order can be broken up into infinite shipping amounts. A PO can also be broken up into infinite PO deliveries as well.

Received Items

Inventory Parts are in!

Inventory Items must be located in a warehouse, or in transit. When inventory items arrive, if they are flagged for Quality Control testing, they are received and transferred to the QC Lab or to the external testing facility. Standard Defect Reports are easily generated.

Streamlining Fulfillment

Assemble Package to Ship

Print all of the labels, shipping, and tracking documents. Supports international shipping protocols. Create bill of sale, barcode identification, and more. When the package ships, the items will be updated with individual tracking numbers for each box or parcel.

Send the Final Invoice

Print the final invoice for the shipment and send based on the Invoicing Method being used. For some the invoice will have already been paid in full, for others the invoice is now “active” and the payment is due according to the terms of the invoice.

SourceMatrixERP – Electronic and Aviation Parts Distribution

Learn about the flexibility we have added into the shipping and receiving processes.

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