Shipping & Invoicing

Electronic Component Distribution ERP

Improving your Shipping Processes

Managing delivery schedules and shipments can be an extremely time-consuming process for electronic component distributors. Any mistakes or delays in this department can lead to customers delaying payment or even restricting their business relationship due to poor performance. Data integrity, real-time data, useful integrations, and logical workflows are crucial components in an electronic component distribution software.


SourceMatrix integrates with many of the world’s leading carriers including Fedex, UPS, and DHL.

Contract Deliveries

SourceMatrix supports batch deliveries under when entering your shipping schedule.


Our system will remind sales people and your shipping department of the deliveries that are due to be shipped.


SourceMatrix – Electronic Component Distribution System

Choosing an software is a critical choice, and as an electronic component distributor,
your choices are shockingly scarce. SourceMatrix is the first software of its kind to enter
the electronics components distribution industry in almost 2 decades. Let us help you
make a confident and well-informed decision!

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SourceMatrix makes it easy for electronic component distributors to complete billing on a timely basis. Our system allows you to take advantage of the following invoicing features:

Invoice Template

Our detailed invoice template clearly displays all relevant information in a clean and concise format.

Eliminate Manual

SourceMatrix allows electronic component distributors to instantly generate invoices, bill of lading, packing slips, content labels, and other shipping documentation.

Easily Email

Our email integrations streamline your frequent processes, allowing you to email your invoice to your customer from within the system.

Electronic component distribution software training

Concerned about the implementation process?

Before taking the first step to implement SourceMatrix, our Startup Success Plan ensures that you are building on the right foundation. We offer live on-site or virtual training from our original team of developers to guarantee a quick and effective startup. SourceMatrix also provides quality instructional videos to direct your team through the learning process. Additionally, we recognize the importance of customer service and support, and we’ve determined to set ourselves apart in our industry through our exceptional support team.
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