Parts and Inventory

Electronics Distribution ERP

Parts and Inventory Items are 2 Different Animals

We have designed SourceMatrixERP from the ground-up, under the guidance of an established Electronics Components and Parts Import/Export Company. Our software understands how this business operates!  We know that there are too many parts out there to keep in inventory, and we don’t want to bloat your inventory database with new parts each time you need to source something new.

Parts are the items we are looking for. 

Inventory Items are the things we purchase, stock, and sell.

We Research “Parts”

When a customer or lead requests pricing from you on a particular part, if it is not a part you currently have in stock, we will create a “Part” record outside of your true inventory to use for sourcing the items and getting bids from vendors.


We Buy and Sell “Inventory”

Once we find the best part, price and availability, quoted the customer and received their purchase order, we create a PO to order the parts. Parts may be purchased on the same PO and can be shipped according to a defined shipping schedule. 

Received Items

Inventory Items are Purchased and Received

When parts are received, they are converted into Inventory Items, and the location(s) they are stored in will be recorded upon receipt. Inventory Items are Parts in your posession.

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