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Electronics Distribution ERP

The SourceMatrixERP Dynamic Dashboard

Every good software system starts with good business intelligence, in a dashboard that is easy to understand, fast, and easy to navigate. SourceMatrixERP offers a default dashboard that allows users to personalize their own dashboard version by choosing and placing the desired intelligence widgets where they want on the screen.

to do list


Your dashboard will quickly point out any departmental issues, scheduled tasks and follow-ups, and other immediate notifications so that users know what their immediate tasks are right away.

Visualizations and Graphs

Business Intelligence Visualizations

See your business information in both text and graphical forms. Understand the “pulse” of your business, work smarter and turn into a proactive leader with the right information!

Personalized for You

Based on your role, you will have access to widgets that apply.  You may also pick and choose the widgets you want to use, add filtering to it, and display them on the dashboard in the spot you like.

SourceMatrixERP – Electronic Parts Distribution System

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