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The goal of a dashboard is to conveniently gather information required to meet corporate objectives. The SourceMatrix Dashboard has been designed to display all of the information relevant to electronic component distributors. The accessibility of this valuable analytic data is a super-tool in terms of driving business growth and efficiency. Additionally, our dashboard features role-based functionality, displaying only the information relevant to the user’s role, and can be customized accordingly. Our Dashboard features the following built-in functions:


Your dashboard will quickly point out any departmental issues, scheduled tasks, follow-ups, and other immediate notifications so that users know what their immediate tasks are right away.

Real-Time Data

One distinguishing feature of our software is the implementation of SignalR. This enables SourceMatrix to asynchronously update all web clients, facilitating real time web updates.

Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) take the guessing work out of analyzing and altering the trajectory of your business. The ability to analyze this critical data quickly and easily is a key instrument for electronic component distributors.


SourceMatrix – Electronic Parts Distribution System

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Are you ready for the ability to control and easily analyze all granular performance data and business metrics?

SourceMatrix Dashboard


SourceMatrix was built specifically for electronic component distributors, and our dashboard was designed to display the most relevant information in a organized manner. If you would like to adjust the fields of your dashboard or make any layout changes, our system structure is very flexible and highly accommodating to adjustments. Additionally, our role-based dashboards allow you to control which data is available to each user. Users have tailored dashboards which provide role-specific information and can be adjusted to protect sensitive information.

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Before taking the first step to implement SourceMatrix, our Startup Success Plan ensures that you are building on the right foundation. We offer live on-site or virtual training from our original team of developers to guarantee a quick and effective startup. SourceMatrix also provides quality instructional videos to direct your team through the learning process. Additionally, we recognize the importance of customer service and support, and we’ve determined to set ourselves apart in our industry through our exceptional support team.

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