Electronic Component Distribution ERP

SourceMatrixERP Supports Multiple Warehouse Locations

We know there’s different sized businesses that will be using SourceMatrixERP to manage their electronics components and parts distribution system. Smaller companies may only have a single warehouse, or may be a drop-shipper without warehouses and storage centers, while a large enterprise level company may have multiple world-wide locations, with multiple storage centers and warehouses at each location.  SourceMatrixERP handles warehousing like a champ!

Many Places to Store Inventory

SourceMatrixERP works with the concept of the Company, which has one or more locations, and locations may have one or more warehouses, and warehouses will have one or more storage areas. 

Streamlining Fulfillment

Streamlining Fulfillment

Once Inventory is stored in a warehouse, we can record the items exact location based on Warehouse, Row, Shelf, Bin.

Easy to Transfer Goods

It couldn’t be easier to transfer items from one warehouse to another!  Simply select the source warehouse, find your items, select the target warehouse, and click OK. That’s it!

SourceMatrix ERP – Electronics Components Distribution

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use, Maintenance Free because it is In the Microsoft Cloud!

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