Requirements and Sourcing

Electronic Component Distribution ERP

Requirements and Sourcing Features

The SourceMatrix ERP system’s workflow most likely starts with a request from a customer, lead, or prospect for pricing and availability of products. Our FPS(tm) Fast-Product-Sourcing technology automates the gathering of bids and offers from vendors and manufacturers into a simple and fast process. 

A Customer Requirement arrives…

This is the first part of the sales workflow – receiving an RFQ from the customer. The goal here is to source the item(s), find the best price, and provide a speedy quote to the customer.

1. Companies and People

First things first – we need to either “find” or “add” the company and contact you’re working with to the system.

2. Use our FPS(tm) Technology to Receive Offers

Our exclusive SourceMatrix(tm) sourcing system makes it fast and easy to ask some or all of your vendors for product pricing in one easy step!

3. Compare Prices and Send a Quote

Easily choose the best deal that has been offered, and quickly generate a quote. Quotes will be sent to your customer or lead via email.

Our FPS(tm) Fast Product Sourcing technology at Work 

See everything you need on a single view! Top view shows parts that need sourcing. Bottom left is your master list of vendors/manufacturers, and the bottom right panel shows the selected vendors to receive your requirement.

Your Business in Numbers

Quickly see how your pipeline is working.

New Requirements

Products Sourced

Received Qoutes


The SPEED to Quote translates into more sales. Be first. Win.

It’s 2020…the new generation doesn’t want to wait! They have been brought up using the best of information systems, and are used to no-nonsense speed and facts to make decisions on. There’s something to be said about being first, being thorough, and being professional. SourceMatrix ERP will quickly make you the “go-to” person for your buyer’s “first choice” for purchasing.

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