Electronic Component Distribution ERP

Moving Forward in the Sales Process

You have received a request for pricing from a customer on specific parts and products. You have, in turn, used SourceMatrix ERP’s new FPS(tm) technology to quickly source the items for the best price and availability. You are now ready to create your quote for the customer.

Don’t blink – this happens fast!

Offers are all in!

Requests for Pricing has been sent to your selected vendors and manufacturers, and the numbers are in.  You enter the offers into the system, and select the one you want to work with as a preferred offer.

Put Together a Quote

You will then adjust the pricing, avialability, terms, etc. and a quote is generated and sent. International conversion rates are used when necessary. There are checks for minimum and maximum markup percentages as well to reduce error.

Quote Accepted! 

When the client accepts the quoted items, we can then create a Sales Order. Sales Orders manage both the purchasing process, along with the shipping schedule for multi-part shipments.

SourceMatrix ERP Quotation Process

The SourceMatrix ERP system is based on the simple concept that we deal with companies, and companies have one or more locations, and companies have one or more people.

Every Sale Starts With a Quote

Creating a quote in the SourceMatrix world is quite easy! You can create a quote from the Company screen, as well as directly from the main menu, or the Quotes listing screen. Quotes are based on the Offers Received from the Requirements that are sent out to the vendors and manufacturers for pricing and availability.

1. Offers

Offers are received from vendors and manufacturers, and all offers are stored in the database, and attached to the Part.  Offers are used to create Quotes.  The next step is to create a quote for the customer.

2. Select the Preferred Offer

We can quickly see all of the offers that have come in so we can select the offer we want to work with, based on product specifics, price, and availability, That item is then selected as the preferred item.

3. Calculate Prices

Use the built-in profit calculator to figure out pricing based on markup percentage or margins.  Once you have the correct markup, you are ready to complete the quote.

4. Send the Quote

Set the terms, the delivery schedule, and then print out a comprehensive quote for the client, detailing the part information and pricing and terms. It can be edited and adjusted prior to sending out. When you’re happy with the quote, click the Send button!

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