Electronic Component Distribution ERP

We support multiple workflows in regard to deposits/pro-forma invoices, invoicing and receiving payments, and shipping.

 Lots of options:

Quote-Pro-Forma-Receive Deposit-Ship-Invoice

Quote – Invoice – Ship

This is the traditional way, and is the fastest transaction. This method can also be used for Point of Sale transactions. This process starts with a customer accepting the quote. We then fulfill the order, send out the invoice and wait for the payment prior to shipping..

Quote-ProForma-Receive Deposit-Ship-Invoice

This method allows us to create a Pro-Forma invoice for the purpose of receiving a deposit from a new potential customer, without adding the transactions to the bookkeeping system until the deposit is received. 


Upon acceptance of the quote, we will process the order, purchase materials, and ship upon reciept. We will create the invoice at time of shipping, and the invoice will have payment terms attached to it that can be payment over time (Net Terms) or COD (Cash on Delivery).

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